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      She laughed.What a lovely night, he said. One never gets such a night as this anywhere else than in Australia. The river would look jolly in the moonlight. We could see it if we went down a little way. You wouldnt care to come, I suppose?

      "That, of course, is a distinct outrage, for which you may obtain redress, if you can find out who did it."

      Lady Blankyre, a magnificent woman, in white velvet, stood just inside the room, and at a whisper from Lady Wyndover extended her hand and smiled a welcome.


      "Is that will in due form of law?" asked Mr. Bergan, breaking the pause.


      She said no more, but went softly to the piano, and played the Chopin which he loved, and which she knew would soothe him. She had understood him ever since they had been children together, and her comprehension of all his moods was quickened by her sisterly love. While she was playing, a footma[97]n entered to say that Mr. Helby was in the library. As Trafford left the room he bent over her, and whispered:


      "But you must have cared for other girls before now. I can't believe that I am the first."