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      Will it be wise, Ada? he said, gravely.

      Do you think I might go up to Esmeralda, Trafford? she said. Ada has offered to stayshe is so good and kindand I could come back this evening.

      You must have a pony-carriage and pair, my dear, he said, as if he were speaking of a box of hairpins. I will tell Trafford to get them at once. This is too old and shabby for you; it does very well for me, but it is not smart enough for you.All right, he said. Any news? Whats been going on at the camp? By the way, I see that youve got a stranger;[40] I met a young fellow limping along the roada good-looking young fellow. Who is he?

      The adjective, while it made her shudder, brought a sense of relief.

      Though Esmeralda was by this time growing accustomed to luxury and splendor, she was almost startled by the magnificence of the dining-room. For this occasion the famous Belfayre gold plate had been produced; and the table, furnished with the precious metal, and decorated by Liliass own hands, was a noteworthy spectacle.She went to the desk and wrote as he dictated, and the telegram was dispatched.


      Esmeralda looked round the room with a smile.


      Well see what Ive got, she said. Im going down to the stream for water; I shant be long, and I shall hear if you call. You wont feel lonely, will you, dearie?He went back to town the next day, and took a hansom to the house in Eaton Square, in which Lady Ada Lancing lived with her guardian, Lady Grange. He asked for Lady Ada, and was shown into the small drawing-room, and stood gnawing his under lip, and looking out of the window, with eyes that saw nothing, waiting for her to appear.


      I suppose we shall be leaving you soon, said Lady Wyndover, as she rose and drew her dressing-gown round her. I mentioned it to Lady Lilias yesterday, but she pressed us to stay. Good-night, my dear. Sleep wellbut that is quite an unnecessary injunction, I know; you always sleep like a top or a dormouse.